Captain Scarlett

08 Dec 2021

Following the fall of Napoleon Captain Scarlett Richard Greene returns to France to discover his land has been seized He and a group go on an adventure for justice 1953.

Classic Swashbuckling Adventure Film

"Captain Scarlett" from 1953. Directed by Thomas Carr, this thrilling tale is set in post-Napoleonic France and follows the heroic journey of Captain Scarlett, portrayed by the charismatic Richard Greene.

Plot Summary:

After returning home from the Napoleonic Wars, Captain Scarlett finds his estate seized by the tyrannical Count Villiers. Determined to reclaim his rightful property and bring justice to his homeland, Scarlett becomes a Robin Hood-like figure. He teams up with the beautiful and courageous Princess Maria (Leonora Amar), leading a band of rebels to challenge the oppressive rule of Count Villiers.

Key Highlights:

Epic sword fights and daring escapes
Romantic subplot between Captain Scarlett and Princess Maria
Vibrant Technicolor visuals that bring the adventure to life
Memorable performances by Richard Greene and Leonora Amar

Richard Greene as Captain Scarlett
Leonora Amar as Princess Maria
Nedrick Young as Pierre DuCloux
Ralph Truman as Count Villiers
Paul Hansard as Etienne Dumas

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